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You won’t find better value in an executive suite in Saskatoon, period.

No parking fees
No GST or PST on stays of 30 days or more
No hotel taxes
Save every time you cook in your luxury kitchen

Compare Us to a Hotel:

A Saskatoon hotel room runs an average of $150/night. This is for a very average hotel room: you know what it looks like. It is one room. There is no kitchen. You pay parking fees of $20/day on top of this price + hotel taxes + fees every time you use the phone. You pay to eat in a restaurant 3x/day whether you want to or not.

But let’s compare apples to apples: premium rooms, which are a more fair comparison in terms of furnishings and decor, are upwards of $200/night, and that STILL doesn’t give you a kitchen or parking.

Our suites work out to $85 – $120/night, depending on the suite. This is for luxury accommodations with designer decor, two bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, and parking included. You want a smoothie for breakfast, you get a smoothie. You want to make roast chicken, you make roast chicken. We don’t have to tell you how much money you’ll save even if you eat SOME meals in your luxury kitchen. All our suites have free indoor parking.

Compare Us to Another Saskatoon Suite Company:

Our customers tell us they get twice the suite with us for the same price as with other companies.

What we can suggest is this:
1. Insist you see photos of the suite you are to rent.
2. Compare apples to apples. Is parking included? Can you get a list of what is included in the suite? You may find there are only four plates in the kitchen. Washing dishes three times a day is not living in luxury.

At Saskatoon Luxury Suites, we provide what we’d like to see in a suite… and we are picky travellers!

You like to start your day with a smoothie? We give you a blender. You like to enjoy a glass of wine with dinner? We give you a corkscrew and wine glasses. You also get full-size stainless steel appliances, including a microwave and dishwasher. Measuring spoons and cups. A sharp set of knives. Scissors. Casserole dishes. Baking tins. You can move right in, pick up a few groceries, and cook a fantastic meal. Or you could warm up a frozen dinner in a “kitchenette” somewhere. Your choice.