Standard Amenities

What is Included in Your Suite

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All linens (bedding, towels, dishtowels)
Microwave, dishwasher, full-size fridge and stove
Full sets of pots, dishes, utensils, glassware, cutlery
In-suite washer and dryer
High-speed wifi, all utilities
Flat-screen TV with a minimum of 50+ channels including movie packages
Stereo sound receiver and speakers
Clock radios, blow dryer, and dozens of other items, listed below

Where parking is available, it is included in the rate
(Parking is included with all suites except The Edward and The Corner Suite.)

Either a Smart TV or a PVR (DVR) are included in each suite.

Clean bedding every time: We commercially launder the comforters between each and every guest.

Air Conditioning


Set of pots including a steamer
Frying pans
Plates, bowls, glasses
Coffee mugs
Potato peeler
Cheese grater
Coffee maker with filters
Knife block
Cutlery including steak knives
Cutting board
Oven mitts/ hot pads
Dish drying rack
Dishcloths & dishtowels
Mixing bowls
Can opener
Large wooden or plastic spoons
Garbage containers and bags
Tupperware set
Wine glasses
Butter dish
Paper towel holder
Place mats
Casserole dishes
Measuring spoons
Measuring cups
Pot scrubbers, plastic & stainless steel
Dish brush
Garlic press
Juice pitcher
Salt & pepper shakers
Dish rack for hand washing


Clock radio
Clothes hangers
Spare blanket


Hair dryer
Towels, hand towels, face towels, washcloths
Bar soap
Hand soap

Living Room

Large flat-screen TV with minimum 50 channels
Stylish decor

Laundry, Cleaning Products

Iron and full-size ironing board
Clothes hanging rack
Toilet brush
Toilet cleaner
Dish soap
Dishwasher soap
Laundry soap
All-purpose cleaner
Stovetop cleaner
Paper towel
Toilet paper

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